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Boxcoolers are efficient cooling systems designed for installation in all types of ships. Boxcoolers cools down the primary circuit using seawater. No water-filters, valves and extra seawater pumps are needed. The boxcoolers can be mounted longitudinal or transversal in the seachest.

Boxcooler installation

Boxcoolers can be used in fresh-, brackish water and seawater. The boxcooler will be supplied as a package, complete with a steel welding frame, making drilling and tapping unnecessary. Boxcoolers has to be placed in a seachest. To optimize natural circulation and heat-transfer boxcoolers should be installed with a minimum of 150 mm of free space between the tubes and the inside wall of the seachest. Boxcoolers can be demounted if the topplate of the seachest is above the waterline. Even when the vessel is afloat.

Upon request the boxcoolers can be supplied with a test certificate of one of the well-known classification societies. For example ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, Lloyds Register of Shipping, RINA, RMRS, RRR and various others upon request.

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