Flexible couplings

A flexible coupling provides a flexible connection between the shaft and gearbox. This will reduce noise and vibration on board and is damping torsional vibrations.

Blokflex couplings
Blokflex flexible couplings are manufactured according to our high quality standards. Loads can be transferred from different directions (both radially and axially). The flexible couplings are capable to transmit the propeller thrust to the gearbox. The construction of the coupling is fail-safe and ensures a long service life.

In case of the smaller coupling sizes (type 115-4 and 150-4), the aluminum housing is machined fit to the gearbox flange. The standard version comes with a straight bore and keyway. Larger types (160-6 and bigger) are using a separate steel adapter flange (spacer). This adapter is available for e.g. ZF/ Hurth/Velvet, PRM and Paragon gearboxes. Standard type 160-6 and bigger couplings come with a taper bore (1:10) and keyway.

Blokflex couplings can also be supplied with a self-centering clamp kit, instead of the standard keyed bore (an extra price is applicable).

Centaflex couplings

Centaflex couplings are available in various sizes and models and their quality is proven in many applications. The most commonly used types are the Centaflex M and AM, and Centaflex AGM (with thrust bearing). These couplings all use dedicated rubber (elements) to effectively dampen noise and vibration and are relatively flexible. A recent development is the Centalink coupling that combines a high degree of flexibility with very low reaction forces. Our specialists will be happy inform you about the best flexible coupling for your situation.