EasyStern® CWS Propeller Shaft System

EasyStern® Closed Water Lubricated Propeller Shaft Systems are custom designed and engineered as a complete package. The systems are water lubricated (fresh water / glycol based coolant). By using two propeller shaft seals (inside- and outside the vessel) the system is closed and the liquid circulates through the entire system. Closed water lubricated propeller shaft systems have less total system wear and the shaft bearings have a longer life span compared to ‘open’ water lubricated propeller shaft systems, special in waters containing high levels of solids. The system requires an on-board lubrication tank and a circulation pump. Several key components of the closed water lubricated propeller shaft system have been awarded a Design Award METS (DAME).

Advantages of EasyStern® closed water lubricated Propeller Shaft System

  • Less total system wear
  • Much longer bearing life span
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Fully custom engineered
  • Complete design and suplly incl. lubrication tank and circulation pump
  • High performance



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