Retractable Propulsion System

Available in Stainless Steel
The development of the Retractable Propulsion unit started in 2004 as a request for the ABN-Amro racing yachts, participating the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR).

The idea was to have as less resistance under the water line as possible; the idea of the Retractable Propulsion Solution was born. At that time all the parts were made out of stainless steel. After a successful race the main issue for the next model was saving weight.

After an extensive period of design and engineering Amartech introduced the RPS  made out of titanium and with the propeller made out of Carbon for the racing yachts participating the VOR 2008 – 2009.

In the meantime the Amartech RPS has been adapted by many racing yachts as well as by leisure sailing yachts and sailing catamarans striving to the best possible sailing performance.


Mounted in the hull
The RPS has to be mounted in a (carbon) cassette into the hull, the engineering of this part is not included in the scope of supply.

The system has the following features:

  • Suitable for engine powers up to 100hp (large engines on request)
  • No drag of the propulsion unit
  • Ultra light design
  • Optimum propeller design

The Amartech Retractable Propulsion Solutions is available in Light Weight Version.

  • Bracket, coupling and shaft made out of Duplex 4462
  • Stern tube made out of epoxy
  • Propeller made out of NiAlBr, custom designed for each yacht for highest efficiency
  • The total weight of the complete RPS (excluding cassette) is only 45 kgs
  Source: Alibi Yachts


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