EasyTurn rubber bearings

The best choice for water lubricated marine bearings to support propeller-, cutter- and pump shafts. The relative soft and resilient rubber compound of these bearings guarantees the best results in terms of reduced noise and vibration and a long pollution free service life.

EasyTurn rubber bearings have an optimized flute design for maximum hydrodynamic-wedge performance; creating the best possible water film between the rubber and shaft surface. Even after many years of service rubber bearings are still working quiet without vibrations. No other type of bearing is capable of this.

Because of the optimized flute design, EasyTurn rubber bearings have a very low coefficient of friction and a long service life. The excellent results are confirmed by a wide number of tests performed by a renowned Technical University and long term tests in a number of commercial vessels.

Intruding sand or grit particles in the bearing will do no harm to the rubber bearing. During rotation of the shaft sand or grit particles in the bearing will not damage the rubber surface and are rolled between the bearing and shaft or sleeve into one of the flutes and will be flushed away by the flow of water through the bearing.

Advantages of water lubricated rubber bearings:

  • Service life can be three to five times longer than that of grease- or oil lubricated bearings
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Lubricant (outside water) is free and cannot pollute the environment
  • Highly resistant to the ingress of sand, silt or other contaminants

Straight- and spiral fluted bearings:
Most common applied are rubber bearings with straight flutes (straight fluted). Additionally EasyTurn rubber bearings are also available with spiral flutes (spiral fluted). Spiral flutes support the shaft even better, have a beneficial effect on vibrations and noise and can handle larger loads.
Most standard rubber bearings for shaft diam. Ø20 up to Ø180mm are available from stock. We can also supply flanged rubber bearings (flanged shell). Relining of used rubber bearings (reline) is possible from shaft diameter Ø100mm and bigger.